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Propel RC was founded by Darren Matloff in 2006 in the United States and has expanded
internationally to 13 countries in Europe and Canada, with orders being shipped worldwide. It is one of the largest distributors of Radio Controlled products in the category of flight in North America and fasts becoming a known brand worldwide.

Propel originally began as an OEM manufacturer working behind the scenes to develop brands and innovative technologies for importers whose products would be sold to major US retailers, such as RadioShack, JC Penny, Brookstone. After doing this for some time the company decided it was time to cut the middle man out and begin producing their own products.

 This led to the fledgling RC toys company to come up with a number of amazing innovation such as:

●Patents on the original counter rotating blade system that used on indoor flying helicopters.

●One of the first 2nd company to get into the flying RC toy space, with air hogs using PicoZ

● One of the first companies to make use of PP (a special durable plastic) on an indoor mini helicopter.

●The first company to include replacement blades and a 90 days warranty on all products sold.

●The blades included are made from carbon fibers for durability and flexibility another industry first for Propel.

●Created the first motion controlled fly stick

Upon their entry into the Philippine market though, Propel wanted to do more. Not satisfied with just selling drones, they also wanted to make a positive impact in the community.

A brain child of Philip Lew, the Global Head of customer service of Propel RC, Propel Nation aims to bring together Drone enthusiasts and casual flyers alike and form a community that not only shares a love of drones but a love of people. Propel nation’s chief aim is to help the Filipino populace through a love of technology and the drones in general.

(Photo of Phillip Lew, Propel's Global Head of Customer Service) 

It’s more than just being a consumer brand, it’s being socially aware and truly caring for the people who make up the community. These same people would look towards enriching the lives of the people around them also through the various programs that Propel has lined up.Propel nation has already started on its mission. Working with local NGO such as Children’s hour to event organizers such as The Dark Knight PH, it’s growing community of members are in the thick of things with sponsorships and events.
(Photo of Atom Micro Drones)

This is also an avenue in which Propel would like to foster and develop a love of drones here in the Philippines. It’s a way to stay connected and deepen the roots and knowledge on toy drones. It’s a unique way of tackling the cultural challenge of integrating into a new country.

(Photo from Batcon Event) 

With various programs related to expanding its reach locally and globally, Propel nation is a fresh way of giving back. Even more, events are lined up in the horizon. Through outreach as well as customer-focused programs and collaboration with local organizations look to make their presence felt to the Filipino people.

(Photo of Children from Bahay ni Maria Foundation)

These include:
Training seminars, street challenges, and road shows are just some of what Propel has in store for the Filipino people. Not to mention a host of online information ranging from articles to how-to-videos that will be published on their website. The sky's the limit for one of America's most daring exports.

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