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Propel has recently launched it’s Propel Fun Fridays initiative. It sees its employees battle it out each week to get points for their respective teams. All points are tallied when the tournament is over with the team with the most points coming out on top. The winning team gets, besides bragging rights, a number of cool prizes.

Rules are simple:

Each Team picks a name at the beginning of each week, each team will designate a representative. This representative rotates each week.

Each team is given points for successfully placing in the top 3 of each week's competition.

  • 1st place is awarded 5 points
  • 2nd place is awarded 3 points
  • 3rd place is given a point.

With every week seeing a different activity.

Competitions include:

  • Drone Pong

  • Drone Racing

  • Drone Obstacle Courses

  • Knowledge Bowl   

The first week's competition saw the different teams compete in a Propel Quiz Night. They were quizzed on a number of trivia about Propel’s products. Team TSTB’s representative Diane Ugalino blew away the competition winning top points for her team by a considerable margin.

This is just the start of what Propel feels would be a nice and fun way for the employees to build camaraderie and to just let loose a bit in the office. They see this as a way to get their employees engaged and, most importantly, happy. Based on the first week's results, it’s definitely mission accomplished. 

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