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In between, working as a home-based graphic designer, aspiring to be a comic artist, and wowing the crowd as a cosplayer, Yrielle Bangalan, has a new designation now, drone pilot. After winning a Propel Atom Micro Drone during the recently held BatCon 2017. Now, in between drawing, sculpting, reading comic books, and fitness training, learning how to fly for the first time can be difficult for anyone, even for someone as talented as Yrielle.

“I made a mistake when I first attempted to use my drone. I got confused about the lights so instead of moving it away from me, it moved towards me,” she recalls. “It took me about a week to get used to flying it after watching the tutorial video online.” It won’t be long now till she’d be one of the more adept flyers in the Philippines.

“Drones are aircraft systems controlled through remote controls, usually to get aerial shots when the drone has a camera.” Is what she first understood as to what a drone is. The popular view of a drone is for aerial photography and videos. Though this is what it’s most commonly thought of what drones are used for, there is still much fun to be had just flying and doing tricks and cool stuff with a microdrone.

(Photo Courtesy of Yrielle)

“I think it would be fun to use miniature toys or sculptures to put on top of the drones and make a short film/music video out of it,” she says. Making use of her vivid imagination to think of different ways to have fun with her Atom Microdrone. 

When asked about what the future might hold for drone’s she had this to say. “For the future, I think drones will be able to help us discover mysteries and take closer looks to things and places which are too dangerous for us to go to. This way we can gather more physical data without the need to physically be where we want to be. (Some movies suggest to use drones to inspect accidents such as the Korean movie Tunnel).” In her mind, we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of what we can achieve with drones. For an artist like Yrielle, this is just the beginning, for her and for the future of drones.



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