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It pays to have a cache of knowledge, just ask Caroline Ursos, the winner of  Propel RC's trivia gives away. Having won a Batwing HD, subsequently being one of the first owners of a Batwing in the Philippines, placing this self-professed nerd wealth of knowledge to good use.

(Photo Courtesy of Hubby Photography)

“I'm a bibliophile. I have a huge (kind of) collection of Books and now starting with Funko Pop, Gundpla, and Comics,” she says. Don’t let this baby face Chinita fool you though she considers herself more of a tomboy “I'm one of the boys and I'd rather watch UFC, OneFC, and WWE than ANTM!”. The comic book and movie fan in her being very content with DC merchandise.

(Photo Courtesy of Caroline Ursos FB Page)

Her excitement with flying though is still very much palpable, albeit still grounded in reality, with the way she describes what drones are “They fly, they're cool and expensive!”.  She shares this excitement with her family, her 11-year-old son, Raphael and her boyfriend,

Johnlery Rosales, and if everything goes according to plan they could be joined soon by 2 more in the future.

As most people already know though, learning how to fly a drone can either be as natural as breathing for some or as difficult as solving a complex math equation sans a calculator. For Cha, as her friends like to call her, it’s the latter. “I was very excited since it's my first time to fly one. When it's out of its box though, 95% of the time, my boyfriend is flying it. 5% is me still trying to figure it out.”

“My BatWing hates me.” she says “I'm still having a hard time with the configuration. They said bigger ones are easier to fly but to be fair, since my boyfriend plays with it more, he figured it out in a day.”. This has not deterred her one bit though showing the correct amount determination all beginner pilots need.

(Photo Courtesy of Hubby Photography)

This is the just the beginning for drones she thinks “Aside from military purposes and fun, Photography and Arts, I guess.” The first steps have already been made and she sees that innovation is surely something to look forward to “I think people already do. But combining creativity with the advancing technology would give really amazing results, for sure.”.

She’s clearly developed a fondness for her drone. “My Boyfriend and I will be celebrating our anniversary next month and we're bringing it with us. It'd fun if it's the one that comes with the camera, but I think it will become a tradition to bring it with us in all our travels/adventures,” she says, already plotting her future adventure with her new partner.

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