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One of the most genuinely interesting toy and hobby stores in the Philippines, Hobbes and Landes still retains a bit of the mom-and-pop magic that most retail stores just don’t have anymore. With truly innovative ways of bringing in the customers, this small specialty store has gone along way in 15 years. A match made in heaven in virtually every way, Propel has forged a very potent partnership with the growing chain.

Redentor Luciñada, one of the Store Supervisor of their store in BGC had nothing but positive things to say about the atom Microdrone, “Si Propel, compared to other drones, Maganda siya kasi accessible siya. Kung baga, kung nasa indoor or outdoor siya pwede mo dalhin. (Propel, compared to other drones, it’s very nice because of how accessible it is. Whether your indoor or outdoor, you can bring it anywhere.”

He goes into even more detail about the ease of use of our drones. “Napaka dali gamitin. Yung instructions, napakabilis sundin. Di mo na kailangan na pumindot ng kung ano ano. (It’s so easy to use. The instructions are easy to follow. There’s no need press all these different buttons.) he says as he recounts how he flies the Atom from time to time in store. “Kung baga, paglabas mo sa box ready to fly na siya. (Out of the box it’s ready to fly.)”

He was also a fan of how of the customer support team. “Meron silang sariling hotline service. Pag may hindi ka maintindihan or may problema ka dun sa drone, tatawag ka lang. (They have their own hotline service. If there’s something that you don’t understand, all you have to do is call them.” noting the ease in which you can call and the service they provide too. “Mabilis naman yung response nila, so hindi ka mahihirapan. (They respond really fast. You won’t have a hard time.)"

The burgeoning partnership has been thriving. The kind of mutually beneficial partnership that you rarely see these days. For both companies, it seems sunny days are ahead.

 Full Interview:

Note: The price mentioned here was our introductory price, our regular price is 1499.00. This Video has been shot during our my first drone campaign. 

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