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The Batwing series of Propel is one of the more interesting drones that Propel has. This is mostly down to its unique design and its tie up with the world's greatest detective. Coming in two different variants, the Batwing Microdrone and the Batwing. These drones may look similar but have varying uses.

The Microdrone is used as a utility drone. Similar in use to the Atom, the Batwing Micro is more of the fun beginner Drone. A pocket-sized drone that you can bring anywhere, you can fly this outside— weather permitting— or indoors. For the more advanced fliers, this drone affords a controlled and fun trick drone. With decent maneuverability that a tinier drone provides.A drone for both young and old, kids can play around with the camera and have thrilling adventures as the Dark Knight, for adults this is more of collector’s drone, and even though it’s a bit gimmicky with the Batman design, the video on hand is quite useful.

The Batwing HD boasts a 720p camera and an altitude lock that’s very effortless for first-time fliers to pick up. This is by no means professional grade but it's still pretty decent for photo and videos for recreational use. Overall it's everything you can hope for from a mid-level drone. Unlike other drones of its size and ilk, this drone is that the propellers are located at the bottom.

Unlike other drones of its size and ilk, this drone is that the propellers are located at the bottom.This does not impede or deter its flight in any way. This simply allows for the design to still be very Batman-esque and keeping with the iconic design. Pleasing to look at and with an adequate amount of features to keep your interest. The Batman line is definitely a fun and functional drone that the whole family can enjoy.

If you’d like a to read more about Batman’s iconic plane, be sure to check out our article on the most iconic non-comic uses of the Batwing: 

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